Auto Club CR and Ganimed

Pavel Janak, a well known Czech engineer and architect, supervised the construction of the Czech Auto Club from 1925 to its completion in1929. The opening ceremony was attended by many local politicians and dignitaries. The Club was opened with a speech by Dr. Edward Benes, the President of the Czech Republic, on the 24th March the 1929.

The Club was then used as a meeting place for its members and for hosting ceremonies as well as other social events. Races also started from here until the beginning of World War Two, at which point the occupying forces established their headquarters in the building. After the War the Auto Club briefly returned to its original activities before it was seized by the Communists. Only after the Velvet Revolution in 1989 did it again return to its original function.

In 1976 the Auto Club was declared a cultural monument due to its architectural significance as a fine example of the architecture of the First Republic. In the nineties it  underwent a complete refurbishment that strictly respected the original blend of Art Nouveau and Czech Cubism.

Today the premises are used for a wide variety of activities. These include: local social events, press conferences, medical conferences, wedding receptions, seminars, themed parties, corporate presentations etc.

Ganimed Ltd.

Company Ganimed (who manages the renting of the premises) has been active on the Czech market since 1991 and is now in its tenth year as the main tenant and organiser of all social and business events at the Auto Club CR. We also provide extensive conference equipment and own catering services. Our flexible team with it's informal approach and emphasis on customer has many years of experience on the market. In total more than 7000 events have been successfully organised.

Auto Club CR and Ganimed Auto Club CR and Ganimed Auto Club CR and Ganimed Auto Club CR and Ganimed Auto Club CR and Ganimed Auto Club CR and Ganimed

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