Aero Saloon


AERO is a lounge on the ground floor opposite the dressing room. Toilets and cloakroom are adjacent.

Area: 55 m²

Daylight: yes


Coffee and tea machine with other beverages setup on site. Sandwiches or hot food can be ordered or served in the nearby restaurant.

Technical equipment

Capacity by set up
Set upCapacity
Theatre50 pax
School30 pax
U-shape25 pax
Geneva20 pax
Restaurant32 pax

Interactive plan of the 1st floor

Interactive plan of the 1st floor PDF plan [101 kB]

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Interactive plan of the 1st floor (click on the camera icon)

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Aero (est. 1919)

Aero, originaly an aircraft manufacturer, has its roots in the period immediately after the creation of the independent Czechoslovak Republic in 1918. | 222 243 011 | | code&design VosK